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How Buzz Social Crew Specialists Run Social Media Advertising Campaigns

Setting up an advertising campaign and maintaining targeted advertising on any social platform of your choice is carried out in stages:

  • We study the products and services of your company
  • We define the target audience to develop a competent advertising strategy
  • We create a compelling ad, write selling content and launch it
  • We keep statistics and evaluate effectiveness from time to time
  • We provide a report for you to monitor statistics and measure progress.
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Benefits of Advertising on Social Media with Us
Ad launch in 3 days
Ad launch in 3 days
  • We will analyze your target audience according to gender, age, interests, etc.)
  • We'll choose visually appealing images and create clickable ads
  • We will post an ad within 3 days
Daily monitoring
Daily monitoring
  • We monitor the progress of the advertising campaign and make adjustments (modifications to targeting, images, ad text, and CPC) daily.
  • We provide full monthly reports and additional reports upon your request.
  • We track statistics and campaign performance and provide timely reports.
No estimate
No estimate
  • The cost per click is the same as social media management pricing.
  • We provide a complete breakdown of cost and details about social media packages.
  • We can help you save clicks.
How Powerful Is Your
Company's Social Media?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms have become an integral part of our daily lives. Take advantage of the countless opportunities that social media presents to you. Along with creating strategies, setting up, and maintaining your business profile on social media, we also take care of content creation to ensure the right content is delivered on the right channels at the right time. Contact us for more details about social media management pricing.

How Powerful Is Your Company's Social Media?

Our marketing agency offers unique services to optimize and promote your business online. Every project entrusted to us by our clients is delivered and solved through comprehensive analysis. Our experts guarantee using modern approaches to solving problems. We focus on increasing sales, profits, and ROI.

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